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Hello! Newbie from SoCal.

Greetings from Orange County, CA (So Cal). I was registered with ISecretShop many moons ago but guess I dropped off the site through non-use. I am glad to be back and just used the App on my iPhone for the first time last week. Nice to be able to answer questions while on-site during the shop. Can anyone tel me when (how often) are Opinion Polls available to participate in? Thanks, I welcome all responses.

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The BADGE system

Ivan - Thank you for the detailed descriptions. I have been inactive for some time so I am looking forward to being active again. When/how often are the opinion polls open for participation? Thanks, Denise

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Did getting VERIFIED make a difference for you?

Tina_15403122773766 @ Oct 23, 2018 4:56:45 PM
I am wondering if anyone has a spreadsheet templet that is used to keep track of things like shops, mileage, reimbursment, etc.?

Hi Tina,

Great question. The task does not have to be difficult - a simple Excel spreadsheet is easy. Also, many MSC's will post your earnings on their site so check there as well.

Here is what I do: I keep a mileage log (purchased at Staples) in the glove box of my car and manually track each day's miles including the MSC in the comments section. At the end of each month I total up the miles on the log before beginning the next month. Each month I transfer the information from my mileage log into the Excel spreadsheet I keep, by month, for all of my shops. Note: The written mileage log also serves as back up for my taxes. I also separate my personal mileage from my shop miles.

Monthly Shop log: My spreadsheet has columns for date, MSC, Assignment (Shop ID#, shop type, location, etc.), Date Paid, $ Paid, $ Reimbursed, $ Not Reimbursed. The columns automatically total in the spreadsheet at the end of each month. Note: It is important to keep track of expenses that are NOT reimbursed so that you are able to deduct those expenses from your income. And, remember that Reimbursements ARE NOT income.

In addition, tracking the Date Paid is important as well. You are only required to report your income for the money you earned and were paid in a given year. Example: You may have completed shops in November and December 2018 but were not paid for those shops until January or February 2019. Those shops paid in 2019 do not count as income in 2018. (Always check with your Tax Person for their advice.)

I hope you found this helpful.

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Opinion Polls?

Hi all, I have noticed that I do not have any Opinion Polls on my phone app. Are they only posted now and again or am I missing something? Thanks!