So new and exciting!

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Hello everyone! I've always wanted to be a secret shopper. We all have certain expectations when calling or visiting an establishment. My close attention to detail usually ends up with me critiquing everything. It's going to be fun getting paid for what I already do.

I already appreciate this forum, as it helped answer a few questions I still had even after exploring everything on both the app as well as the site.

I look forward to rolling my sleeves up and immersing myself in my old, yet new role. Feel free to say hi, and if you have any pearls of wisdom to offer to make my job more rewarding, I'm all ears! Thank you!

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Hello everyone my name is LaTisha, I'm 24 years old. People always prejudge me because I am a female, somewhat of a girly girl, and I look like a teenager. I don't take it personal I know that's a good thing, I know that as I age even more it still won't show my true colors/age. I'm not sure where to begin as far as being a secret shopper. I never knew there was a such thing as a secret shopper, I know about undercover bosses and watch a show called "Undercover Boss" as well. I would say this is basically the same thing, or a detective. Its a lot to take in and I have never did anything like this before. I am currently employed as a security officer and just looking to start my own business to earn extra income, also Christmas and Black Friday is coming very soon. I am obviously a nosy individual and like to solve everyone's mystery, problems, and give advice. I have been told I have a good eye, and good reflex. I am open to feedback so come on in! I am super excited to be on this journey as a secret shopper.

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Hi John and LaTisha, and welcome to the Forum and to the world of secret shopping! You can find a summary of useful tips and tricks I've managed to collect over the last several moths, on this thread here, if you really want to be good at this :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask - the comunity is great and a lot of people is more than happy to help.


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Hey John

I can feel your enthusiasm coming through the words you posted. You Go John!

But I should give you my two-cents worth, Mystery Shopping aka Secret Shopping is not about “expectations”. It is mostly about the experience. Your reports must be honest and truthfully unbiased so that the “client” can use the actionable information the Mystery Shopping Providers (MSP) provide to the “client “.

Sadly it is a lower (much lower) standard. If we all look for expectations then most of the establishments will fail. But if we look for “acceptable” standards then things are good.

Case in point Uber. Uber has had its shares of bad press. If they offer their drivers some customer service training, then things will be immensely better for all of us. Same thing with any establishment. Don’t offend the customers and we’ll be fine. That is why we are hired to go around checking on the employees to make sure they are a good return of the training investment.

Wishing you all the success in MSing, and most importantly joy in knowing that you are helping.

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