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HI guys! I just started about 2 months ago. I love it. It is so fun. But I have a question...when you get a very lengthy shop, such as a casino shop with 14 different areas to evaluate, what is the best way to have all the info you need to reference back to and make sure you meet all the requirements, without having your papers tagging along or be obvious? I feel like I am getting all the info until I start inputting the info. Then I always end up missing times or names or some other piece of information. How do you experienced shoppers organize and get these shops done smoothly and efficiently?

Much appreciated! I wanna be a huge badge holder!!

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Hi Adele,

Well there are various ways, it depends on what suits you most, and of course, the circumstances of the shop.

For some shops I reckon it would be okay to make discrete video recordings (there are apps that mask your screen during the recording process, like the Talon app, making it look like your notes are open for example). However, I would not recommend that in the specific case of casino shops, or perhaps bank shops, since the security staff, if they figure out you're recording, might think you are there surveying the place for a robbery or something.

So taking notes on your phone works in most cases, or placing your phone in your front pocket and turning on the audio recording so that you can replay any interactions if you need to. If you are taking photos, make sure to do it discretely (it's fine to openly take photos of food or drinks or the decor, as people do it all the time, but be discrete if you are taking a photo of a very specific area, restroom, staff, etc - and make sure that you don't upload any photos in your shop report that are not in compliance with the shop instructions (for example, if the instructions specifically state that no people can be photographed, etc).

A shopper recently mentioned using an app called ShopIT. It looks like text a message, but it keeps track of timings and notes for you. Things like, "Walked in", "greeted","water arrived", etc. Later you go back and has times on each entry. It also records voice, so it might prove useful for keeping tack of things.

The important parts you've already figured out - don't bring any paper materials that can be confiscated and blow your cover, and try to observe/make note of as my things as you can.

I'm sure you'll do great!

Good luck, and I hope some of this helps!

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I completed a shop Nov 25, 2017 and I did not get paid. What should I do?

I have already contacted the individual that is over it and no response. Wow what a way to communicate when you need an important answer.

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Hi Angela, what is the payment policy for that particular MSP? Make sure you know exactly when you are supposed to get paid. This will vary for each company, and the information can be found in your contractor agreement. Also make sure that the shop was approved.

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Thanks, the Shop it app looks interesting. Had a little trouble finding it, searching in my Apple. It's 4.99 and the Title of the app is " Shop it Stealth Notes" I had to put "shop IT" in the search parameters to find it.

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Thanks for the info Steve!

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