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Poll ends: 1 year Poll: What do I need to do if I become ill and need to fill the report out before the next morning?

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Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. I have just finished one of the shops here, but seem like I will not be able to complete the report because of being ill. I have already written the schedule and hopefully I can get an extension of the time.

1 year 0 Ivan 684

Hi Angela, and welcome!

You have already done the right thing - informed the schedulers before the shop becomes overdue. Another thing you can do as a safety measure is to enter the shop report and fill out just one answer. That will ensure that the system does not unassign it automatically after midinght of the day of the shop.

So in situations like that, doing those 2 things should work and keep your reports assigned to you until you complete them.

Thanks for asking!

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