Greetings! New shopper located in the DMV area

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I wanted to say hello to everyone and also get some answers since I’m new.

How can I get more points so I can start accepting more shops?

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Doing more shops gets you points so you can do more shops haha

Try starting off with smaller/easier shops to rack up more points. You will probably only be able to take on one at a time while you build up your reputation, so don't get discouraged if multiple requests get denied. When you see the timeframe for a shop, try applying for the very first day available.

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My family says that the first couple years of mystery shopping were like I had an expensive new hobby. Frequently I was out of pocket more than I earned. Sometimes I made hundreds (an audit 3 hours from another shop!), most times I earned nothing more than free product. My husband has learned that I am probably the only person he will ever know who gets happy about having a legitimate reason to complain at hotels, and restaurants. Learning to keep a record of mileage, fuel cost, and purchase/payment will cure anyone of the illusion they are making easy money. Especially when mystery shopping - I work the scenario or it will cost me more! Today, I'm 15 years as "a grateful member of the underground economy" and proud to be doing the work I do. I claim 65% of my cash earning on my taxes, and enjoy a good relationship with several schedulers. If you find that your reports are getting both low and high grades you can ask the scheduler to not score you below a minimum - which you swear you can maintain - to allow you to improve. I advise you to be honest with your family (but not to tell all your friends), let them laugh, one day they will embrace your opportunities with interest and affection.

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Thank you for sharing!

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