New member.

11 months 0 Shancee 1

Hello, I'm shancee from Central California.

11 months 0 Ivan 615

Hi Shancee, welcome to the Forum, nice to have you aboard!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask - we're here to help!

Happy Holidays!

11 months 0 Sheila_15146717163538 1

Hi Everyone! I'm Sheila and I just signed up! I'm from Atlanta, GA. Happy New Year!

11 months 0 Bridget_15146968038272 2

Happy New Year everyone. I'm Bridget from Detroit, Michigan and excited to get this started on this journey!

11 months +1 Ivan 615

Happy New Year, and welcome aboard!

11 months 0 Jennifer_15150886776500 1

Hello my name is Jennifer and I am looking forward to this new adventure.

11 months 0 Maggie_15151800888007 1

Hi my name is Maggie from the beautiful island of Oahu. Jennifer I too am looking forward to this new adventure!

10 months 0 Ivan 615

Welcome, welcome!

How do you guys like the system and the available opportunities so far?

10 months 0 Falestin 5

Hi everyone im also new here. Happy new year

10 months 0 Rosa_15171098262927 1

Hello everyone, I'm new here.

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