Hello - I'm new here

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1 month 0 Kathy_17020912972480 1

My name is Kathy and I found this site by accident. Looks interesting and simple. Just saying hello to all.

1 month 0 Sara_16853753872695 1

Hi! I'm also fairly new, or, more accurately, new after more than a dozen years of not doing secret shops... I feel new all over again!

1 month 0 Elaine_15537125052817 1

Hello! I joined over 5 years ago, per my main page! lol I just started looking around and found this page! I have done mystery shopping for over 20 years but just started back into it! I am from Ohio and love meeting new people!

1 month 0 Rene_16239069261192 1

Hi! I've been a member for 3 years but just recently started using the app again. It's really great.

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