New to here, but not to mystery shopping.

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My name is Kristi. I'm from Oklahoma. I am new to this particular company, however, I have been mystery shopping since 2005; even ran my own company briefly for a certain tribe for their casinos.

I am silver certified through MSPA, but I cannot find my information (three moves since 2005), and all of my email addresses and phone numbers are old, so...I guess I'm going to have to retake it. Oh well, it will be a great refresher.

Anyway, I have posted before I've read anything. Now, on to reading and meeting you guys and gals. Have a very successful year, and totally new people? My advice is...don't take a job unless you KNOW you can take care of it. If you're struggling with cash and not certain, don't take it. Save the money for the next run and then take it. Ask anyone around in the shopper community for help. Most anyone I know that does this is more than willing to help because we've all been there.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful greeting. I, too, am not new to Mystery Shopping. I have participating in shopping assignments since I was stationed at Travis AFB, CA between 2000-2007, but didn’t sign up to be a shopper until 2003. I took a three year break from shopping because there were no opportunities while I was stationed in Japan at the time. However, when I returned back to the states, I resumed my shopping assignments.

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Nhi my name is Telique i am new too all of this an need help with all this if anyone can help me pls let me know if u can have a bless day or night .

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Hi ladies, welcome to the the community and to the Forum!

Thank you for posting!

Telique, here is a page with a bunch of useful tips and advice to help you make the most out of your experience:

I hope this helps!

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