Hello from Boise Idaho!

1 year 0 Julie_14995327725895 3

Hi I'm Julie, known as Joscelin in another MS Forum :) I've been shopping since March and am getting the hang of things. Shopping is a 2nd job for me, I'm a clerical monkey by day for a state agency. I love shopping for 2 reasons, extra $$ and it gets me out of the house. Happy to be here and looking forward to meeting other folks. Always remember.. NORMAL IS BORING.

1 year 0 Ivan 630

Hi Julie, it's so great to meet you!

1 year 0 cococogal 1

Hi Julie, it's great to meet you! [waves]

I'm a newbie too. I'm from the Bay area in California.

1 year 0 Melissa108 19

Hi Julie and cococogal! Nice to meet you both. I am also new and in Southern California. I am also getting the hang of things and looking forward to doing more shops.

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