Virginia Newbie Sticking My Toe In

1 year 0 Carolyn_15175315133633 1

Hello.  I'm Carolyn.  I've been on the fence awhile about doing the shopper thing.  I was always scared I'd do it wrong, so I never tried.  I'd look at the shops and then chicken out.  So today, I thought, "how do I know what I can't do if I never even try".  I look forward to my first shop, and guidance from you all. 

1 year 0 Wendy_15031532472383 72

Hi Carolyn. The best way is to just dive in. Take a shop, read the instructions carefully and take your time. I love mystery shopping and over time you will find your own ways to remember things, schedule and report. Once you get going you might want to consider going to one of the mystery shopping conferences and network with other shoppers.

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