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I'm Johnetta. Hailing from the "frozen tundra" that is Indiana, USA.

I'm a retired RN-Trauma, and a current Freelance Auditor. Relatively new to the shopping experience.

I'm quite certain I will have LOADS of questions as well as concerns, so consider any/all advise, WELCOMED ADVISE!!!

Happy Shopping!!

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Welcome Johnetta.

Here's my two cents!

Don't take on too many different projects to start as it is easy to get the requirements mixed up.

As well, don't sign up for too many of one kind of shop until you know you like doing it. I once took on about 15 shops at different locations that sounded like shops I had done before but they were awful and I was stuck doing 15 of them.

Get back to your schedulers right away when they contact you, they will appreciate it and remember it. If you are unable to do a shop - let your scheduler know right away.

If you find there are details you have a hard time remembering, send yourself a text or write it down as soon as you are a reasonable distance from the shop so as not to get caught.

There is lots more but that's a start.

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Welcome Johnetta! And that's wonderful advice Wendy, I agree completely!

You can find a lot of useful tips on this forum thread:

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Welcome Johnetta,

Great advice there from Wendy. The only thing I would add is, if you have any questions or there is a problem you encounter

while doing a shop, call your scheduler. I had some difficulties with my second shop so i called to find out what to do. My scheduler listened

to the problem and told me how to work around it. I was able to finish my report and submit the shop on time. We will see if it's approved but I have little doubt it will be after calling it in..

Have fun out there and again welcome...

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