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Just saying hello and hope to get know you all better. My name is Charla. I am a single mother of 3. Twin girls 16 and a son 15. I worked for over 25 years in the retail, food, entertainment and hospitality industries. Always starting at the bottom and working my way up into upper management and loss prevention. I have lived all over the US and had the opportunity to meet some if the most interesting individuals on this planet.

Every day is an opportunity to learn more, help others more, and do more. My kids motivate and inspire me to be better. I hope that I can help here and be successful in whatever capacity I can.

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Hi Charla! Welcome aboard! I'm a mom too, and really want to give you some kudos for being such a go-getter and great mom! I hope you find success here, and remember we're all here for support and help! Nice to meet you!


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Welcome Charla,

3 teens, yikes!! Bet they keep you on your toes, lol.

If you can find a spare moment, check out the prep courses, they really are a big help to get you going on the right track.

Again welcome and enjoy...

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Welcome Charla! That's so interesting. I've never worked in food or entertainment or anything. I've always wondered what it's like for the folks on the other side when they get the results of our reports. Has anyone here experienced that?

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