New guy

1 year 0 Gregory_15180457558368 1

hey new guy here, location is chesapeake va. nice to meet you all

1 year 0 Shannon_15187299906894 1

Hello, nice to meet you! I am new as well, good luck from Muskegon, Mi!

1 year 0 Ivan 684

Nice to meet you guys! Welcome aboard! Feel free to ask if you have any questions, or to share if you have any stories :)


1 year +1 Stephen_15185651562541 3

I am so glad I found ISS and this great forum. So much great info here. Thanks for all your posts Ivan and others. What I like most is how supportive everyone is!

1 year 0 Patrick_15178940317986 74

Welcome Gregory,

I'm still new myself, from sunny Phoenix, AZ. Just finished my first shop yesterday.

Please ask us anything, we love answering questions.

Have fun out there.

1 year 0 HeatherAnnie 54

Welcome new folks! I am shopping in Los Angeles/Orange County, CA. Always happy to answer any questions.

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