Another Oldie Returns

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Hello from Plano TX. I used to do a lot of restaurant shops in the learly 90’s for one company. A few years ago I did a retail shop for another company and some telephone shops. Recently I decided to see what was going on in the world of secret shopping again. It is nice to see that they have centralized the notification process in tracking process. By training I am a lawyer tthough now I am retired. I look forward to seeing what the forum has to offer and any hints on navigating through multiple company requests. Cheers! — Jan a/k/a VoxVolat

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Hello Jan, welcome aboard!

It's great to have a veteran shopper like yourself here with us!

You can find all available shops on the Available Shops page when you login to iSecretShop, and on the following link you can find some useful tips and trick to help get you back up to speed in no time:

Thank you, and good luck!

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Welcome back,

I'll probably be picking your brain for tips and tricks, lol.

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Welcome back Jan. I did shops a few years back for a company that did primarily apartments and fast food, but then stopped. Like you, I'm retired so I have a little more time.

I kept getting e-mails from ISS so I decided to give it a go again in January. I'm starting to enjoy it again as I get back into a groove. I like ISS because of the varied types of shops. I also signed up with a couple of other companies just to keep things interesting. I haven't been disappointed yet. I just wish I could be a fly on the wall sometimes when a location had been told they were mystery shopper.

Have fun with your part time "career".

Dave K.

P. S.

I live in North Texas as well. In the Denton area.

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