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Hi just a quick questions i am new to the whole mystery shopping area. Was just wondering Do we get paid every time we complete a shopping job or do we have to wait. And also some say they will credit back what we spent while we were at one of the locations will that money be credited back right away or?

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Most the time you are paid in approximately 30 days after a shop although sometimes if it is confirmed can be sooner. For the most part though it is 30 days.

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The payment (reimbursement, compensation, or both) is made by the MSP that posted the shop in question, and they are the only ones that can reliably tell you when you will be paid. so you should always contact them with any questions about that. Depending on the time of month, the MSP's payment schedule, the shop itself, and other factors - the payment can be made relatively quickly (within a week or two), or it can take over a month, but the MSPs in the iSecretShop system do make sure that shoppers are paid for successfully completed shops.


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Hi Sydnie,

Like Ivan said, it depends on the MSP. You can look up when they pay in the Contractor Agreement of the MSP in question.

30 days is a good estimate, most I've found state 30 to 45 days, and one I just shopped for pays every other Friday.

So as you see it can vary greatly. I am trying to do them regularly so that there is always money coming into my Paypal account.

hope that clears thing up for you and have fun out there.

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how are you paid?

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Hi Willis,

Each MSP has their own payment method and policy, but most MSPs make payments via PayPal. You would have to contact each MSP you did shops about the specifics of payment for their shops.


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Hi everyone, as indicated in the prior posts, essh MSP has their own payment schedule. On the average, it takes about 45 days to be paid from the date the shop is approved by the MSP. However, it is not uncommon for the payment range to be within 30 to 60 days. Hope that helps. But read the contract you signed with the MSP, that is where you will find all of that information.

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