New mystery shopper

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hello Washika

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Hello, and welcome to the Forum!

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Hello from Texas!

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Hello this is my first time on here. I have no idea how long it will take to make my first couple dollars.

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Hello Debbie and Jennifer!

Jennifer - it depends on a lot of things - but generally speaking, the sooner you dive in and start doing shops, the sooner you'll start turning in some $$$ :)

Feel free to browse the shops, explore, and take on those you'd like to do. On this thread, you can find a bunch of useful tips to help get you on your way:

Good luck!

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Hello every one,

I am new and have never done this. Any advice on how to get started? Do I need specific forms? I just have no clue what to do? hey that rhymes, lol

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Hi Donald,

Here is how the system works:

-Once you log into iSecretShop, go to the "Available Shops" page, and browse the shops that are posted.

-When you see the one you are interested in, you click "View Details" and it will open a pop-up window with all the information on the shop.

-Then, you can either self-assign that shop, or click "Request shop" to submit a request for a specific date. The schedulers are frequently reviewing these requests, so it should be approved soon.

*If you are prompted to sign the iSecretShop Terms of Use or the Mystery Shopping Provider's contract first, you can do so on the "Provider Contracts and Policies" page.

*If you are prompted to enter your PayPal email address, you may do so on the "Update Extended Profile" page.

-Once you have a shop assigned to you, you can always view it on the "Assigned Shops" page - there you can see all shops you have assigned, and can click "Complete Shop" on any of them to see the full shop information, the shop instructions, the questions, or/and fill out the shop report.

-If you have any questions about a particular shop, you can always contact the MSP that posted it, and their schedulers/editors will be happy to help.

-When you are done filling out the shop report - you click "Finalize Shop" to submit it - it will be reviewed to editors and either approved, or returned to you for additional information (if so, it will appear back in your "Assigned Shops" page).

-After the shop is approved, you can communicate with the MSP regarding your payment for that shop.

I also advise going to and doing courses like "iSS 101" and "iSS 102" - these will not only provide you with additional knowledge, but will also grant you shopper points, boosting your rank rather quickly. You can also use the following link to look up a thread on this forum, which has a few tips and tricks listed to help you make the most out of this experience:

I hope this answers your question!

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Thank you Ivan for all you contributed to the forum.

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My absolute pleasure! :)

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