Hello from Sunny SoCal!

1 year +1 Dan_15241022392943 1

Jumping into this interesting adventure here in the San Diego area. Happy to hear hi backs, and any suggestions, recommendations or words of encouragement.

1 year +1 Patrick_15178940317986 74

Hi Dan and welcome,

Best advice I can give is have fun on these assignments and follow all instructions. Feel free to ask questions here and with your schedulers.

1 year +1 Wendy_15031532472383 72

Hi Dan

I agree wholeheartedly with Patrick. Mystery shopping is a job and you have to do it well but it is also a lot of fun. You get to meet new people, role play AND you get paid for it. Read your instructions, don't take on too much at the beginning and find the shops that you really like. Get good at them and continually add to the list. Once you are comfortable, start planning routes, small at the beginning, 3 or 4 at a time. Before you know it, you'll be doing it full time! Get a good route planning app - there are several free ones and develop good relationships with your schedulers. If they ask you for a last minute job or one a little further away than you'd like, do it if you can - they will remember you. I wish you all the best and feel free to ask any questions. This is a friendly and helpful forum.

1 year +1 David_15157399294557 43

Welcome Dan!

I lived in SoCal for about 20 years before relocating to Texas. I still have a lot of friends out there. The nice thing about your area is that it is so congested! Really! There are a lot of varied opportunities out there. I'm in a semi-urban area with a lot of distance between some of the shops. I'm sure glad my car gets good mileage.

Have fun with the shopping out there.

Dave K.

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Hey Dan!

Where you at? I'm in Encinitas. Born and raised in SD

Sitting at Moonlight Beach as I'm typing this actually :)

Anyway I'm a newbie as well and it's nice to know we have this fourm if we run into any issues.

Thanks guys


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Hello from Carlsbad. Im new haven't don't shops yet. Saw this thread and thought I'd say hi.

8 months +1 Ivan 684

Hi Rikka, and welcome!

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Hello from the Bay Area!

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