Hello from maine

1 year 0 Tina_15247511896349 1

HHe'll my name is Tina I'm new to secret shopping started about 1 month ago. My main spots are in Maine around Portland area. Wish there were more opportunities in this area.

1 year 0 MFJohnston 268

There are plenty of shops near you... It's just a matter of finding the companies that offer them. :)

1 year 0 Ivan 659

Hi Tina,

If you want to see more shops, you can set the search distance filter (in the upper-left corner of the Available Shops page on the website, above the map) to 50 or 100 miles, and click the search button (a small magnifying glass symbol in that same row) - that will show you the available shops in the wider area around you.


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