Hello to all from St Louis

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Hi one and all. I read about secret shop and it sounds like it would be a fantastic way to give input and do things I am normally going to do anyway like eat and shop.

Excuse my noob-ness but aside from signing up for the sight, I do not know how any of this works. I am lucky to have found this forum. I will continue to look for a thread that might help me get started but for now I am hoping to get pointed in the right direction by a kindly stranger.

Thanks in advance and hello to all.

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It's pretty straight forward.... Find a shop on the list that appeals to you and request it by clicking the button. As a new shopper, you will have to wait for the shop to be assigned to you and you might not be assigned the first couple of shops that you request. Once you have a shop, read the guidelines thoroughly. (they will be available after you have been assigned the shop). Then, at the assigned time, perform the task. Thereafter, fill out the online report. Assuming you performed the shop correctly, you will be paid in accordance with the particular company's payment schedule.

Be wary of a few things... In 99.9% of shops, you are supposed to act like a typical customer. You do not want to be memorable. Do not take a shop that you are not certain you will do. Flaking will make make it difficult to get assignments later. If you have questions, email the scheduler before doing the shop.

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New as well but am finding the site and APP very easy to navigate. I did my first shop already and really enjoyed being able to put into words all my observations as well as objective data. I have always been a very descriptive person. It does make for very long run-on stories and jokes but the kids love it.

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