Hello - New from Connecticut!

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Hey Everyone

I'm a native Texan who moved to Connecticut years ago and used to do some mystery shopping way back. I signed up again and love the new apps and the ISS site. So much easier! I do travel down to Texas and all states in between a few times a year so I'm hoping to learn how to qualify for shops in other states....in the process of looking that up or looking for information on it...

I did a shop yesterday and found it pretty fun. Took some courses today so I'm getting back into it again - reading through tips in the forum.

hoping to do airport shops in the near future if I can find out more about them or get approved for them.

Thanks for all the posts in the various topics - very useful !

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Welcome! I grew up on the East Coast but loved my time living in Texas! :)

Things continue to evolve in the industry. There are more and more mobile app's used.

(which is definitely a good thing in my book!)

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