Hey... new shopper here from Kansas City MO

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Just saying hello, and checking all this out.. I can't wait to get started and figure this all out!! If anyone has any tips..or anything that would be helpful for a first timer it would be appreciated! Hope everyones have a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to hearing back from ya all!

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Hello Amanda. Welcome to the world of mystery shopping. It is worth scrolling through the various topics in the forum to pick up some tips and hints. I hope you enjoy your shops. , Mike

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This is just one of many platforms available. I like it a lot for the ease of reporting and the variety of shops in my metro area. It remains one of my favorites for those reasons to mix it up. The ability to self-assign and reschedule with some shops if your schedule changes is nice. The more you do, the more that you will see available over time.

I recommend also reading the Mystery Shop Forum. I was a member of that for nearly a year before starting to engage in that community. I still do not visit often, but you will get some helpful suggestions from much more experienced shoppers that I am. There are more opportunities than you can imagine.

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Welcome to the Forum Amanda, and to iSecretShop.

You can check out this Forum thread if you want some tips and tricks to making the most out of this experience:


If you have any questions, always feel free to ask!

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Welcome Amanda,

     I found that this platform is one of the more user friendly. It's easy to see what is available for both walk-in and telephone/web shops and there is also a spreadsheet that will show your pay from the various providers/jobs.

     If your new to secret shopping my best suggestion is to start off slow and get the feel for playing different rolls. It's actually a lot of fun once you get comfortable.


Dave K.

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That's great advice David!

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I can't seem to get any jobs. How do I get them?

I can't seem to get any jobs. How do I get them?

10 months 0 Ivan 659

Hi Danielle,

Here are a few things you can try to increase your chances of getting your shop requests approved:

-Check the Available Shops regularly - A LOT of shops gets grabbed within hours of being posted, especially the easy/cool ones, so don't be late for the Awesome Train

-Request various types of shops - don't be afraid to try different assignments, different shop categories, etc. Every new experience makes you personally richer, and a nice side effect is that you get a new badge for every new type of shop you do, making you stand out to schedulers as someone who is experienced and versatile.

-Request shops for the soonest available dates - if a shop is available for any day next week, requests for Monday will be the first ones the schedulers see, and the first ones they approve (as they want their shops done as soon as possible), so requesting for the earliest date increases your chances of getting a shop.

-Read emails from schedulers/MSPs and from iSecretShop - these are often sent when new shops are available, giving you a heads up so you can request them early on.

-Do weekly shops - weekly. - there are shops that can be done every week, and if you have them in your area and don't mind doing them, keep hitting that request button every week, and keep doing them. Pretty soon you'll be very proficient at them, and schedulers WILL notice, and keep giving them to you.


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Hi Amanda,

The ISS Prep Certifications can help get you started, boost your reputation and let the schedulers know you are making the effort

to learn more about this. There is a link at the top of the ISS Home page right next to refer a friend .

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