Hello from Lincoln, NE!

Poll ends: 10 months Poll: As a secret shopper in Lincoln, NE would you be interested in a monthly meet-up of shoppers?

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11 months 0 Kenneth_15267859825312 1

Just stopped in to say hi and see if I could connect with other shoppers from Lincoln.

I only know one other shopper here, but was thinking it would be cool to do a monthly meet-up

to swap stories, tips and ideas with each other. Any SS in Lincoln and surrounding areas interested

would be welcome. Probably meet a Barnes and Nobel or something.

If you are intersted, and in Linoln, NE, please just respond here.


11 months 0 Ivan 659

I support the idea wholeheartedly, although I'm personally not from around there and wouldn't be able to attend - but in general, the concept of shoppers gathering and exchanging experiences, advice and ideas is the basic principle behind this very forum, and the though of something like that being organized physically is just great!

I hope there are many more like-minded shoppers!

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