Hello from Georgia,

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I am new to this so I am feeling lost right now. I am looking around on the forum to see how this has been working for everyone. Good or bad? I hope I submitted my first request correcting. I am waiting for an email response, does this sound right so far?

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Hello, and welcome. Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming to new shoppers. But it is not that bad. Keep looking around the forum and read other posts under the new shop threads. You will see many replies and get to read what others have posted.

As for email, you will not receive any directly from the forum. Your post will be read by others like myself.

There is a method for sending email directly to individual people who post on the forum, but generally, at least in the beginning, its best to look over the many posted comments to get a feel for things, as you have already stated. This is a good thing. Keep it up.

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Welcome to the Forum Jacqueline, and to iSecretShop!

You can find some useful tips and advice on this thread: https://www.secretshopforum.com/thread/1/2/94/pro-tips-for-those-who-want-to-be-the-best-shoppers#post528

Emails from the Forum are something that's being worked on right now, but as Norm said - for the time being, you won't receive any emails from the Forum.

However, once a shop is assigned to you on iSecretShop, you should receive an automated email, notifying you of that.

Good luck on your first shop, and let us know if you have any questions!

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