Put the requirements highlighted before accepting the contract

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Hi! I would recommend that company in contract should highlighted the requirements of what is needed during the mystery shop before accepting the contract so it would be easy for us to see through the details during the task.

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I've working with InTouch Insight !! . Their Account Managers are awesome.. Why ? Quick answers to my question, Gives me access to trining Fast reponse, Follow-ups are precise.... Mystery shoppers allows me to make interesting and varied missions. This allows me to contribute to the improvement of the service in several sectors of the retail trade. 

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It's so great to hear that Victor!

Leejee, I'm not sure I know what you mean - the shop overview and main requirements are visible when you click "View Details" on each shop on the Available Shops page, so shoppers can see them before taking on the shop. And once the shop is assigned to you, you then have access to the exact scenario, questions, etc. - which is the information you only need once the shop is assigned to you.

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Sometimes I have also encountered that situation, but i have found that the necessary information needed before accepting the shop is available beforehand. Also, some info. may not be accessible or perhaps disclosed until the shop is accepted by a shopper. The MSP or client may stipulate these additional requirements. Not to say that this is necessary true, but just a thought.

In addition, if you ever have any questions or concerns about a shop, contact the MSP ahead of time. The shop might be taken when you receive your request back from them, but you will have your answer and when the next shop of the same type comes along, you'll have what you asked for. I've done that, and it works for me.

Hope this little bit of info. helps. Happy shopping.

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