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1 year 0 Vickie _15321501616813 1

I’m just getting into the world of Mystery Shopping, looking forward to it. Nervous and excited at the same time..

1 year 0 Princess 1

I love mystery shopping because I'm not a big fan of poor customer service so this helps improve it.

1 year 0 Patti_15319389054131 1

Hello from California! This sounds like a great way to get paid for shopping but I remain a skeptic. The first “shop” I was contemplating had directions which puzzled me. I chickened out but regret not just diving in.

1 year +1 Norm 168

Hello all,

Take your time getting your "shopper shoes" wet. It can be intimidating and exciting both at the same time. It was for me. Check out the different areas of this forum and continue posting.

Also, any questions or concerns about ANY shop or instructions, contact the MSP. The schedulers are more than happy to provide the answers to your questions and concerns, so that down the road it avoids any pitfalls, like a declined shop.

Hope this helps. Happy shopping and welcome.

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