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9 months 0 Shanda 2

Hello and Good morning from Austin Texas.

9 months 0 Ivan 659

Hello Shanda, and welcome to the the Forum, and to iSecretShop!

9 months 0 Amy_15333450426264 1

Hi Amy here in Cali

9 months 0 Laura_15333608173360 1

Hi, my name is Laura, from South Carolina

9 months 0 Robert_15340842273207 1

Hello, Rob here Fla.

8 months +1 Tara_NJ 141

Hi Shanda welcome! How's it going?

4 months 0 Shanda 2

It is going good. I have done more secret shoppers recently. Getting the hang of it.

What are your favorite shops to do? Or what is you favorite company?

4 months 0 MFJohnston 268

I prefer anything with video.

4 months 0 Meranda 1

Hi, obviously new to doing secret shops. I'm Meranda from Cleveland, Oh. I can use any and all advice to help get the hang of this. So far I'm just hesitating every shop. The shops I request haven't been responded to.

4 months 0 MFJohnston 268

You will get shops in time. New folks have trouble getting shops at the end of the month as MSC contracts are up and schedulers desperately need to see shops completed correctly. The end of June and December are especially rough as they mark the end of quarterly and semi-annual contracts. A high percentage of folks either blow off or screw up their first shops, making schedulers wary of them until they have completed a few. You should have better luck getting assign shops now that we are into January and new shops are announced. Once you have established yourself a little, you'll get much more work assigned to you. Pretty much all of us start off slow.

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