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In the app I click web and phone shops and a list of shops appear. I click on a shop then click to request the shop and a message appears stating I must sign the company’s contract before I can request that individual shop. So I click sign the contract and scroll to the bottom to sign but on some of the ssecret shopping companies contracts I am unable to sign. I tap in the space where my signature should go but I can’t sign. Can someone help me to figure this out?!

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Open up a ticket on the iSS platform and let them know of your problem. They should be able to assist.

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Hi Sharon,

Norm is right - you should open a support ticket to iSecretShop to inquire about what could be causing your issue.

Before you do, here are a few things to consider:

Make sure that you have first signed the iSecretShop Terms of Use (TOUs) - on the desktop website, there is a page that you can access from the left-side menu that takes you directly to the iSS Terms of Use, or you can access them from the top of the Provider Contracts and Policies page. On the mobile site or app, there is a tab called iSS TOU that you can tap to open up a page where you can sign the Terms of Use.

When opening the support ticket, make sure to state if you are trying to sign the MSP contracts via the desktop website, mobile site, or mobile app. Next, make sure to list the exact actions you are taking, and well as what specifically do you mean by "unable to sign" - can you click on the signature field? Can you type in your name in the signature field? Can you click the "I agree" (or "Confirm") button after that? Do you get any error messages? Lastly, a screenshot of the page you're stuck on is also very helpful - the more information you can provide, the faster the support team will be able to discover what the issue is, and work with you on resolving it.


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Hi Sharon did it work out?

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