Hi from Arizona

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Looking forward to being part of the secret shop forum. This is completely new to me, so I'm excited to get started. Any tips or important info I should know about? I'd be very thankful if you share with me. Unless it's a "SECRET" lol..a lil humor..looking forward to hearing from you!!

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Hi April,

Welcome to the forum. Look around and check out the threads. A lot of good information abounds here. One of the most important tips here: have fun. The second one: don't take an assignment unless you can complete it. The third one: READ every sentence of the shop instructions, guidelines, and email you receive from the MSP; very important. Finally, start off slow, don't take on too much in the beginning; there is some learning here if you have never been a secret shopper or done shops. Keep asking questions as you acquire new knowledge. Happy shopping

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Hi April,

I am new here as well. Member forums are always a good way to seek out information, and Norm was very kind to reply to your posting with some valid tips. Have fun with your evaluations!



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Hi April, how are you? If you have any other questions or need help, just ask... We're here to help! Good luck!

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That is great advice Norm!

I also suggest exploring the thread I will list below, as it contains a bunch of useful tips for shoppers:


Good luck on your shops folks!

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