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I am new to PayPal. I am just wondering after I sign up for a paypal account using my email, how do I set up to receive payment from each contractor? Do I need to type in each contractor’s name under request payment in my PayPal account?

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By giving iSS your PayPal address, each company will be able to pay you. You do not need to let PayPal know that money is coming.

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I did the insight company. They approved my survey and reimbursement on August 8. I checked the company and they pay every 2nd Friday. Does that mean I will get paid on August 17th?

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It depends on the MSP's payment policy but typically they pay within 45 days.

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Do i have to pay taxes, or fill out W-9 for being a secret shopper after making a certain amount?

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You will need to pay taxes on all your mystery shopping income. You are an independent contractor and will want to file a business tax return. Individual companies will ask that you fill out a W-9, though each has its own procedures as to when they will ask you to do so.

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Payment methods and tax information very between MSPs. You will need to check with each one in order to find out the requirements. But you will have to pay taxes on what you received from your completed shot.

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