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Hello and super glad to be here with all of you other newbies as well, nice to see so many other ladies just starting out and to know I am not alone. I have spent the last several hours doing tests and such for all of this to try to be as ready as possible and educated as well. I am in a position right now that any money I can make is a true blessing. Plus I get to meet all you lovely people and that is always great... any and all tips you can throw my way are greatly appreciated. I am disabled so looking to do phone/web shops as much as possible too so wish me luck there please. My location is slim for visits without crossing the river going into an area that I am completely uncomfortable being in, not to say I won't if the pay is good enough it has to cover gas and all to get over there and still make it good for me, ya know what I am talking about. Anyway I will stop here otherwise I will talk your leg off lot more to do today... good luck everyone, hope all of your shops are awesome, have fun, be great, earn lots of badges and please send me tips as you can... have a great day!!! I know, first I need to get better at my typing and slow down get things right lol

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Hello Deborah! Very nice to meet you. Hope things work out well for you. I understand where you are coming from because becoming financially stable is a blessing. Phone/web shops are pretty much my go to right now as well. When I am able to learn more then I will be better equipped to give you advice. Other then that, take it easy. I am sure you will do an awesome job.

6 months 0 Deborah_15349495803323 3

AWWWW TY for that uplifting reply... I am having so much trouble here right now, all technical on company end, so far they tell me that all emails they have sent me have bounced back, also everytime I try to apply for a shop it says another shopper already has, but that same shop is still showing in available shops, hmmmm... really upsetting, I joined to make much needed money and to have some fun, both of which have not happened even once since signup. Just yesterday did get an email telling me problem was fixed, tried a few minutes ago for a $25 shop which would help me out so much same thing yet again so tried with a couple more same thing... tired of this... any thoughts???... RANT OVER

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Hi Deb,

Hope you have been able to get what you needed from the site. I just started back using the site a couple of days ago. Things are going to work out for you though.

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