Bettyann newbie again in New Port Richey , Fl

11 months 0 BettyAnn 1

It’s probably been about eight years since I’ve done secret shopping and I really need to get back in the swing of things but for some reason every time I try and get a Wawa account is not available for me so I don’t understand what I have to do to get those in my area? I live in New Port Richey , Florida

11 months 0 Tara_NJ 155

Hi BettyAnn,

Did you request the shops? Did you get declined or are you still waiting to hear back from them? Also did you accept the MSP's agreement? I'd make sure you completed your profile, and signed/agreed to all the MSP contracts then apply. Good luck!

10 months 0 Norm 168

Hi BettyAnn,

Is Wawa an MSP? Or is it another site like iss? Either way, Tara is correct. You need to read everything and everywhere. I suggest exploring the thread on this forum for additional information from others and even contact iSS if you questions. Hope this helps.

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