Phone app for multiple phone numbers

10 months 0 Wendy_15031532472383 72

Can anyone recommend a phone app that can give you multiple phone numbers?

10 months 0 Ivan 673

Hi Wendy,

I remember Wassim mentioning some useful free software on this thread:

Under number 7 is the Sudo app - he said that it allows you 9 free phone numbers and identities that you can use to give while doing assignments, although I haven't tried it myself. Just keep in mind that some shops do require you to leave your actual, real phone number and other info :)


9 months +1 Norm 168

Try out Google voice also. You can get a free phone number and voicemail. Don't know if they offered multiple numbers are not as I'm gonna check into this too.

9 months 0 Ivan 673

Thanks Norm!

Reading this thread: