Hello...long time member. First time forum...Oklahoma

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I have been a mystery shopper for years with many companies. This is my first time to visit the forum. Would love to meet others from Oklahoma to talk with a be friends. It can get lonely out there at times. Maybe we can get coffee...while shopping?

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Hello. I just joined... Totally brand new. I'm intrigued and looking forward to becoming a mystery shopper. I am an okie though so just wanted to say hi! :)

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Hello!! You are my first reply. It’s very nice to meet you. What part of Oklahoma are you in? I live in Norman.

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Howdy, another Norm an here, I currently live in Arizona but I have family in the Midwest and hope to relocate soon. Looking forward to shopping a new area, in a year or two. Welcome to the forum.

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Sorry it's 2 years later but I'm from tulsa

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