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Poll: The person you was told to call didn't answer the phone and someone else answer. What do you do?

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0 I will ask to call back when the assign person is present
0 I will keep trying until i get hold of the person i was told to call
8 months +1 Teloe 2

Hello Mystery shoppers. Today is my first day on this site and as a Mystery shopper. I would love to learn how to use the site and how to submit report. I will really appreciate your help. Please leave a comment with any tips that will help me do a good job. Thanks

8 months 0 Ivan 659

Hi Teloe! Welcome to the Forum, and to the iSecretShop platform!

Regarding your question above - it all depends on the shop in question. Different shops have different requirements when it comes to this, and different guidelines to adhere to in this case. If this is not clearly listed in the shop description/guidelines/scenario, I recommend contacting the schedulers and asking them - that way you will have the most reliable information, and you elimiate the need to guess and make assumptions.

It's the golden rule when it comes to questions about specific shops - when in doubt, ask the MSP that posted the shop. :)

As for tips and additional advice, I suggest checking out this thread:


7 months 0 Norm 168

Hi Teloe,

In addition, watch the videos on iss Prep 101 and 102. They will provide the beginner basics for shopping on the iss website. Happy shopping.

7 months 0 Ivan 659

That's good advice Norm, thanks!

Reading this thread: