Hey Y'all!! Newbie from Memphis here

7 months 0 Teresa_15371698702636 2

Is there a place I can see all of the shops that I have completed? I completed 2 shops on the same day...1 of them I found under Payments but the other one I am unable to locate anywhere. I am just curious about the status of the missing shop because I had issues with the store having the product necessary for the shop and want to find out if the MSP accepted it or not.

Is it possible that I am not seeing it yet because they have not seen/received/processed my W9?

7 months 0 Ivan 659

Hi Teresa,

If a shop that you submitted was approved, it should show up under your Payments tab, regardless of any other factor (date completed, date approved, date of payment, w-9, etc). However, some shops can take a while to be approved - you can keep track of all shops that are pending approval on your Assigned Shops page, under "Submitted Assignments - Pending Approval".

If a shop that you submitted is neither there nor on the Payments tab, it means it was declined. If you want to confirm this, you can open a support ticket to iSecretShop, list the shop ID number, and you'll get the info on the shop status.


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