How do I get paid?

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Do you just use paypal to pay us or is there a section where we can ad our bank account info?

please help. and then I'll start shopping.

I just read that someone paid money as a secret shopper.

Is this true?

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Charles -

Yes, PayPal. Yes, we get paid to do this. Yes, the companies on this site are legitimate. No, you will not get rich.

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Go and download the PayPal app onto your phone. There are two different types to choose from. PayPal and PayPal Here. One is for business and excepting payments (PayPal Here) and the other is personal. You only need the personal to get paid. If you want a debit card call PayPal and they will send you one. Your going to need ththe PayPal debit card so once you set up your account and link it to your personal bank you'll be fine. If you don't have a bank account that's not a problem as you can use your new PayPal debit card anyway.

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I read on one of shops to make sure I had a w-2 filled out in order to get paid, does anyone know where we do that at?

7 months 0 Ivan 673

Hi Cheryl,

If you mean W-9, you can find the blank form here:

Regarding that any any other similar requirements - please check with the MSP that posted the shop, as each MSP can have their own specific requirements.


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I want more shops in San Diego CA

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