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Hey everybody! Newbie here! I have had to retype this 50hundred times.Any tips or advice. I never trust online $.

-No Luck with anything.I am just introducing myself to everybody.Thanks

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Hi MacKenzie, welcome to isecretshop! Have you done mystery shopping before? If not, I'd recommend taking some tests first, that way you are more prepared and knowledgeable. Then take one shop at a time. Read the instructions and guidelines carefully and ask questions if you need help. I've never read of anyone never getting paid. However, make sure you read each MSP contract thoroughly so you know when you can expect payment. Good luck! There's a lot of great information on this forum. I suggest you take some time and look through other people's posts. You'll probably find answers to your questions.

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Mackenzie -

This is real. Every company here is legitimate.

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