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4 months 0 Catrina_15442457794221 1

Hi first time user any thing I should know from anyone that's been doing this a while

4 months 0 MFJohnston 268

Read and follow your guidelines carefully. Only sign up for a shop if you know you are going to do it. Your word and reliability is everything in this business.

4 months +1 Faith_15457293494352 1

Hello everyone I am just starting and wanted to say Hey

Linda _15431610205106
4 months 0 Linda _15431610205106 1

Hello, I’m starting and I have been a little slow, personal family things, but I’m raring to go!!

4 months 0 Jodi6707 1

New as well but eager to learn and be successful. Nice to meet everyone.

4 months 0 LINDA_14996614317791 59

MF Johnston's advice was good. I ditto that. Reading and re-reading the guidelines and questionnaire will make it easy peasy for you!

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