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Poll ends: 4 months Poll: I am nervous about my first shop, how hard is it?

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4 months 0 Nicki 1

How hard is it to succeed in your first shop? Which one is the best one to start with? Any suggestions??

4 months 0 MFJohnston 268

It's easy to success on your first shop as long as you take the time to read the guidelines and follow them carefully.... I would start with a shop that is similar to what you already do so that you can better anticipate how your interactions are going to go. (Don't choose a bar integrity shop if you have not been to a bar in a decade. However, if drive and frequent gas stations, a gas station shop might make a lot of sense.)

4 months 0 Cacey 2

Great advice. I just wonder sometimes why certain editors do not have a little more compassion when it comes to doing jobs for the first time. Many times the job guidlines do not match up with the assignement so you improvise. So when you tell the truth sometimes you don't get paid even tho you tell the truth. When you lie to match the guidlines you get paid. Its weird. Seems like honesty should be the best policy.

4 months +1 Jamil 3

It is not that hard just take your time and you will love it afterwards

4 months 0 LINDA_14996614317791 59

I agree that the gas station shops would be good to begin with.

4 months +1 MFJohnston 268

@Casey -

I always tell the truth and I always follow the guidelines. When I have had to improvise a little, I keep as close to the guidelines as possible and explain any deviations thoroughly in my report. I have done thousands of shops and only not been paid once - which was a silly mistake on my part. Never lie in your reports.

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