New Shopper

4 months 0 Carren 2

Hi All,

My name is Carren and I'm a new shopper. Just did my first shop about 1 month ago. Now I'm trying to upload my photo id but that feature doesn't seem to be working. Anyone have any ideas?

4 months 0 Megan_15472880367343 1

How dose this exactly work?

4 months 0 MFJohnston 268

Hello Carmen and Megan!

Carmen - did you get it figured out? I used the website when I signed up a few years ago and it was pretty easy....

Megan - It's pretty simple. Locate a job you want to do on the "available" list. Request it. When you are assigned, read all the guidelines. Go do the shop, adhering to all the guidelines. After finishing, fill out the online survey. A few weeks later, you will be paid - usually through PayPal.

Cecilia "cece"
4 months 0 Cecilia "cece" 2

Hello, from Tampa Bay area in FLa.

I just signed up and applied for my First shop, which is pending, 'A Quick and Easy, Take Out Shop'.

Any hints, help and suggestions will be very much appreciated!

Thanks, CeCe :)

4 months 0 George_15357079333587 10

Hello friends,

Nice to meet you all. I just requested my first shop in hopes of being accepted. Looking forward to giving it a go.

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