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Hi, I live in Canada, I notice majority of the assigned work is American products...anyone else from Canada consider this a great way to supplement income?

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Hi Cindy,

Welcome!!! I live in Toronto and do shops in the city. Since I am very busy with other things, I fit in shops when I can. It is nice to get a bit of money deposited to paypal. I also do shops where I get free products. This works well for me since I get things I need anyway.

Have fun!!!


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Hello from Atlantic Canada. New to Secret Shopping and have only just joined ISS this week. I am only aware of 2 MSP in Atlantic Canada, Intouch Insight (which is on ISS) and WeCheck (which is not). Once I get started with shopping I would like to broaden my horizons with other Canadian MSPs. If it is allowed on this forum, is anyone aware of other MSP to connect with?

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Welcome Russel! I also am in Canada, but in Toronto. There are many U.S. companies that have assignments in Canada.

Good luck!


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Hello fellow Canadians.

On mystery shop forum there is a list of mystery shopping companies. Most have shops in Canada.

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