Happy Monday!

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Hi all,

Here's my "Welcome" post! My name is Erin and I live in the Sacramento area of the Golden State, California. I completed my first shop back in 2016 but just started to pick it back up again within the last 6 months.

Mystery shopping gives me the ability to provide subjective (sometime objective), detailed, and accurate feedback to businesses so they can improve in areas that are lacking and continue in areas of excellence. For me, that's what I enjoy most. However, the free food, hotel stays, complimentary wine tasting or basketball games are always a plus.

When I'm not shopping, I work in the Student Housing world of Property Management as a Leasing Manager near UC Davis campus. I love my job and plan to continue to grow within the industry to land me a job at a corporate office one day.

I'd love for your tips, tricks, or just a quick introduction back! Nice to "meet" y'all.

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You'll want to focus more on "objective" than "subjective." The vast majority of our assignments want us to completely disregard our own opinions.

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Welcome! Glad to see you're back at it!

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