New to this site with a question.

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Hello to all! I secret shop as a hobby on my one day off a week from my full time job. I am trying this site out to hopefully find quick jobs in my area as opposed to long audits, etc. I finally found several jobs all wirhin a mile from my home. I requested 8 of them. Then the other 30 or so went away. That is common, as it happens on sites I have used regularly. My question is, how long does it take to have jobs assigned to you? I requested these shops almost a week ago and only have 4 more days before my requested date to do them. I want to work a little on my day off, but afraid to book larger jobs that day and end up having 8 more to do. I had done 18 jobs and reports in one day before, I don't want to do that again. Not with 3 kids in the mix, anyway. LOL Any information would be appreciated. I love the blog, so much information and sharing and fun. Thank you so much

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Hi Marie!

Just as MSC's that don't use iSS are all different and have different response times to scheduling requests, so does every MSC that uses the iSS platform. Sometimes jobs are assigned within a few minutes and other times it can take a few days. Thankfully, once you've successfully completed some shops, you'll be able to self-assign work and not have any delay at all.

Good luck!

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Thank thank you so much for the response. I was hoping that I would know something before the day. Then again having an actual day off alone in the house since the kids will be at school doesn't sound like a bad idea either. Are great, keep posting, thanks again.

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Hello everyone I am new here. I am from Meadow lake, Saskatchewan. Canada. I have issue with that I always open the App I found a US mastery shops. And if I check my area or near to me it's nothing ourthere just blank. I am not sure that's is correct or not but I need your help for that.

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