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Didn't know I accepted these shops because it told me after I confirmed that I reached some limit. Anyway apparently theybwere assigned to me and now I'm negative 225 points and can't do anything. Any advice

1 year 0 Meghan 15

iSecretShop cannot restore the points, but you can certainly reach out to the MSP's that posted the shops, explain to them what happened, and see if there is anything they can do for you.

I would recommend downloading the iSecretShop app, so you can easily and frequently check your Assigned shops to see if any requested, were assigned.

Also, check out the Opinion Polls and take the available course on iSS Prep- these will earn you points.

I hope this helps! Have a great day!

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Hey Chad

Meghan's advice is spot on. When an Independent Contractor (IC) fails to full fill their end of the contract, then:

1) The IC does not get paid.

2) The scheduler, themselves maybe ICs, does not get paid.

3) The Mystery Shopping Providers (MSPs) need to work extra to get the assignment completed, thus their pay is lessened.

Now at times LIFE happens, and you have an assignment and you just can't make it. That is fine, just let the scheduler know, as soon as possible and let them refill the assignment with a different IC, vs. "eating" project time for no good reason.

Recently, I received a targeted video shop, that I had performed for the same target no too long ago. I told the scheduler and was very appreciative. The scheduler comes back to me with another assignment, but FOR THE SAME TARGET. I called again, and now I got dinged for refusing two assignments. So yes the system is not equitable, and scewed at times, but the MSPs need and rely on us the ICs so much.

And just to clarify things: there are basically two major ways you can be assigned a shop assignment. A) Self assignments and that is when the system allows you to self assign shops and the number of self assignments depends on your rank of reliability. If you have not yet established your reliability then B) the scheduler can assign you shops. In any case you will get a confirmation email with assignment details, and links to more information.

If you need help learning how to filter your emails so that you can find them quickly and not miss on these opportunities let me know what email you use, and I'll send you step by step instructions on how to do that. Or you can google for info. If you have a smartphone, get the app for your email, and when you are expecting an assignment that you asked for, kept checking your email until you get that confirmation email.

Hope this helps.

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