Hello back from Newbie

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Hello My name is Jeannette and I’m a shopaholic. 

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hi! So are we! ;)

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Hi Jeannette, welcome to the Forum!

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Thank Ivan,

Excited to be here.

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Hello. I've been trying to figure out how all of this works. Especially, in a Quite rural area. I've found 3 shops, though, my score is off. My own "fault", kind of. I misread the date, and, accepted an agreement for the day I WAS setting it up... thinking, that was the following day. However... I emailed the company, and, was granted the new date (the date I mistook), and, will complete my first 3 physical secret shops in the next week! I'd like to do 3 or 4, a day. If anyone has any advice, incite, ideas, stories to share... I would be interested to hear.

I'm not "new" to mystery/secret shopping... I'm new to online- and This platform.

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Hi Billie,

You can find a collection of some advice on the following thread of the Forum: https://www.secretshopforum.com/thread/1/2/94/pro-tips-for-those-who-want-to-be-the-best-shoppers#post528

I hope that helps :)

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