Tips for newbies ?

7 months +1 Sherry_15685826115498 1

Hi all...any tips or methods that you suggest to help out a newbie ?

7 months +2 Melissa_15706727388546 1

Hey there!! I'm new to this forum but can give you a few tips I use... 1) I do bullet-points on my note pad on my phone and pretend I'm texting (if I forget what to do) -- super helpful -- I also make sure I have done ALL of the bullet points -BEFORE- leaving the venue. 2) I record the shop with my voice recorder app on my phone if I have to interact so I can give detailed answers like the bosses want. Best blessings to you!! I don't think I'll have much time to come here often but will check back from time to time. Take care!!

7 months +1 LINDA_14996614317791 120

Read the instructions three times. It will make it easier for you to be natural while on the shop and will not miss anything.

7 months +1 Doris_15706286829613 1

Even though I a newbie myself I can say that having a spreadsheet of my shops has been a life saver. It details the job, company, pay, completion date, etc. Dealing with so many companies can get confusing if it isn't tracked and this helps me stay organized.

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