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It says calls have to be recorded-is there a way to do that in the app? Does screen record pick up the phone calll, or do i need to call from another phone and record on my phone with the app on it or what? Don’t have a lot of local jobs but do have phone ones i can do

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Hi Miranda,

You don't need any special app or a different phone - simply use the iSecretShop recording system - dial the number provided in the guidelines, then type in the Shop ID number when prompted, and the location you're shopping will then be dialed, and that phone call recorded. Also, the recording will be automatically uploaded in your shop report as soon as you hang up, so you don't have to worry about that either :)

I hope this helps!

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In one of them it says “please note-if you are using the iSecretShop app, you can not utilize the call function”—does that mean there’s somewhere on the web site to do it?

also-when it says the calls have to come from a certain area code-does it somehow bypass that? Can i make a textnow account with that area code and call using that app? Sorry, just want to make sure I understand!

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I believe the MSP that posted the shop in question would be best suited to answer those. I think that the "you can not utilize the call function" simply means that you should just dial the listed number directly from your phone, as you would any other number (but please check this with the MSP, as I'm not 100% sure on that).

As for the are code requirement - my logic tells me that you would have to live in that area and dial from your home phone number in order to be able to perform the shop successfully, but again, you should check with the MSP.

Sorry I couldn't be 100% sure on these.

Does someone else have any inputs?

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