Hi folks! Shopper for 3 months, sayin Howdy!

1 year 0 David_H 11

Howdy folks!

My name is David, I'm a Realtor by profession in SW Missouri area, but this summer I finally discovered mystery shopping and have dove right in head first. Been doing this since June this year, and seriously doing it since July, so about 3 months. So far I've done over 300 individual assignments for about 20 companies, and without giving the details, it's been pretty good so far. It's been quite a ride reading and learning.

Just figured I'd give a shout out, the folks here have been pretty friendly and understanding so far. I'm glad I found this MSC, I've already gotten 6 good assignments in about a week & 1/2. Hopefully the point system will open up more opportunities in my area.

Well, just sayin hey. Thanks :)

1 year 0 Ivan 659

It's great to have you with us David!

Please do make sure to check the Available Shops page every once in a while, as new shops are posted all the time, and your rising score and experience will ensure you get more chance of receiving the shops you want.

Good luck!

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