Now that I have a job what’s next?

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I have two selected jobs that I can do this weekend. What are the next steps? Do I hit the start button once I pull up at the location? Is everything there for me to answer and submit? How do I send my receipt? AnThing else that I’m missing? I see the MSP contract button but it won’t let me accept the contract, is that because I have already done it

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Hi Pamela,

Here is how the system works:

-Once you log into iSecretShop, go to the "Available Shops" page, and browse the shops that are posted.

-When you see the one you are interested in, you click "View Details" and it will open a pop-up window with all the information on the shop.

-Then, you can either self-assign that shop, or click "Request shop" to submit a request for a specific date. The schedulers are frequently reviewing these requests, so it should be approved soon.

*If you are prompted to sign the iSecretShop Terms of Use or the Mystery Shopping Provider's contract first, you can do so on the "Provider Contracts and Policies" page. You can't accept the MSP's contract without accepting the iSecretShop Terms of Use first.

*If you are prompted to enter your PayPal email address, you may do so on the "Update Extended Profile" page.

*After you sign the iSS Terms of Use and the MSP contract and updated your PayPal email, you'll have to go back to the Available Shops page to submit your request for the shop.

-Once you have a shop assigned to you, you can always view it on the "Assigned Shops" page - there you can see all shops you have assigned, and you can click "Complete Shop" on any of them to see the full shop information, the shop instructions, the question, or/and fill out the shop report. Make sure you do this before you go to the location, so you'd know the requirements and the things you'll have to pay attention to.

You can upload the receipts in several ways - if you are using the app, there will be a camera button on the question where the receipt should be uploaded, so you can take the photo of a receipt directly. Alternatively, you can take a photo with your regular phone camera, and use the "browse" option to find and upload that photo. You can also trnsfer the photo to your PC and upload it in that question using the iSecretShop website.

-When you are done filling out the shop report - you click "Finalize Shop" to submit it - it will be reviewed to editors and either approved, or returned to you for additional information (if so, it will appear back in your "Assigned Shops" page)

I hope this answers your question.

Thank you for reaching out!

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Hey Pamela,

In addition to Ivan’s excellent recommendations, I would like to add that most MSPs suggest that you do not fill the questionnaire on site or any where near by.

You need to preserve your anonymity as a MSer so that you do not sway the behavior of your subject. Imagine what will happen if you announce “Hello All, I am Pamela a mystery shopper, who wants to help me?” Now surly this is an example but some have been shopped so many times, they know and can spot us easily, specially in the real estate industry where we have to wear a button camera, and your body movements are a tell tale sign.

So, read the guidelines 7 times, understanding what the questions are asking for, then make sure you commit these requirements to memory, what to do, and what not to do.

Then go to the establishment and conduct your assignment without any hints as to the real purpose of your visit. Be as natural as possible so you do not tip the workers off.

After you are done, go away, and then some more, I would go home and start my report where I am 100% sure no one will see me.

During the MSPA conferences I have attended, the story of someone filling the form outside the establishment in their parking lot, only to have the worker come rushing to the car, yelling you forgot your (umbrella, hat, credit card... what have you) and find the report in your hands.

If you live in a one-party state (that is a party that allows recording) then you can start the voice recorder on your smartphone to keep track of the conversation. If you live in a 2-party state, you may have to rely on your memory. So do take notes as soon as you finish walking/driving away, but don’t sit in the parking lot.

Hope this helps.

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Those are some great insights Wassim, thank you!

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Hey Pamela

How was it? Did you submit your report and see it’s entry under the Payments section?

Tell is, Tell is! We’re all eager to hear about your success and most importantly if you enjoyed doing it and if you have any further questions!?

Dont keep us waiting...

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