Newbie from Melbourne AUS

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HI All,

I'm Mick - here in Australia.

I've been a Mystery Shopper for 5 years now and love it.

I have completed over 500 assignments in a number of countries including Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

I love working with premium brands such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Marriot, Lexus, BOSS and Harley Davidson.

Great to be here and share experiences with like minded people.

So hi from Melbourne - Australia :)

1 year 0 Ivan 659

Hi Mick,

Welcome to the forum! Feel free to look around various threads and posts, I'm sure lots of shoppers will benefit greatly from your extensive experience!

It's great having you with us!

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Hello Mick

Welcome to this forum, surly you will find like-minded people who share your passion for mystery shopping. I for one truly enjoy MSing because I know I am helping make a better Customer experience, and I am a customer most of the time.

Wow! I wish the United Nations had a MS ambassadorship, because I will nominate you for that position ;-)

Keep up the great work, and let me know if you ever land on my shores, in San Francisco, CA, USA.

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Hi Mick,

I'm heading to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand this Friday. I didn't realize they had this in other countries. I need to check into that.

I was in Melbourne last year and loved it.

Good Luck with your mystery shopping !!!!

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